Suspended Sediment Concentration (Surface Runoff)
Suspended Sediment Concentration in Runoff
% (%)
WQ22: Achieve a 90 percentile concentration value for suspended sediment of 250 mg/l in surface runoff directly discharged to a surface water body in the Basin.
The proportion of individual samples that exceed 250 milligrams/liter.
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Suspended Sediment Concentration -Stormwater

Program Regional Stormwater Monitoring


Monitoring is guided by the RSWMP Framework and Implementation Guidance document. During water year 2014 five catchments were monitored for continuous flow and turbidity and sampled for water quality at eleven monitoring stations: the outfalls of the five selected catchments, and the inflows to and outflows from selected BMPs located in three of those catchments. Three additional catchment outfalls were monitored in water year 2015. The catchments were chosen because of their direct hydrologic connectivity to Lake Tahoe, diversity of urban land uses, range of sizes, and a reasonably equitable distribution among the participating jurisdictions. BMP effectiveness sites were selected because of their potential efficacy in treating storm water runoff characteristic of the Lake Tahoe Basin, and the broad interest in, and lack of conclusive data regarding the efficiency of the selected BMPs in reducing runoff volumes and pollutant loads.


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