Bicycle & Pedestrian Volumes
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Number of Bicycles and Pedestrians counted
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Program Bicycle and Pedestrian


In 2015, as part of the update to the Active Transportation Plan, TRPA developed the Lake Tahoe Region Bicycle and Pedestrian Monitoring Protocol using best industry practices and national experts Kittleson & Associates. TRPA began implementation in summer of 2015, which built on and integrated previous monitoring efforts. In partnership with local agencies, TRPA has established a system for the collection of year-round active transportation data which includes permanent counting stations, biennial count locations, and spot count locations depending on need. During the first two years of implementation, TRPA produced a bicycle and pedestrian monitoring report which analyzes historical trends, provides detailed information by location, and compares use at similar sites. This report also supplemented the regional transportation monitoring report. Moving forward, all analysis and up-to-date data will be available on the transportation monitoring dashboard, in lieu of a hardcopy report.

To download all Bicycle & Pedestrian data please visit Tahoe Open Data.


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