Highest 1-Hour Average Concentration of Ozone
1 Hour Ozone
Part Per Million (ppm)
Highest 1-hour average concentration of ozone measured at any monitoring station in the Lake Tahoe Basin.
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The highest 1-hour ozone concentration in parts per million (ppm) measured at all monitoring sites in the Lake Tahoe Basin. The location of monitoring stations has changed over the years. Ozone is currently monitored in five locations.

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1-Hour Ozone

Program Air Quality


TRPA and its partners monitor five air quality constituents (ozone, carbon monoxide, particulate matter 2.5, particualte matter 10, oxides of nitrogen) at six air quality stations located around the Lake Tahoe Basin. All air quality monitoring is conducted according to strict EPA-standards or EPA-approved equivelant methods. The six air quality stations are operated and funded by a variety of federal, state, local, and educational partners.


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