Miles of Stream Habitat in Excellent Stream Condition
Excellent Stream Habitat
Intermediate Result
Mile (miles)
Maintain the 75 miles of excellent stream habitat as indicated by the Stream Habitat Quality Overlay map, amended May 1997, based upon the re-rated stream scores set forth in Appendix C-1 of the 1996 Threshold Evaluation Report.
Miles of stream habitat in different condition classes (excellent, good and marginal)
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Stream Condition.JPG
Proportion of streams assessed in each condition in the Tahoe Basin based on California Stream Condition Index scores 2009-2014 (status sites only). Threshold standards for stream condition are the dotted lines. There were more excellent streams than the standard, but fewer good streams and too many marginal streams. Source: TRPA.


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TRPA's stream monitoring program uses the Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program bioassessment protocol, which measures Benthic Macroinvertebrate (BMI) composition and physical stream habitat to assess overall stream health. BMI composition and habitat is compared against pristine streams using the California Stream Condition Index to determine the biotic integrity of streams. Probabilistic and targeted sampling is used to assess the overall health of Tahoe streams, changes in stream health over time, and to assess large scale restoration and BMP implementation projects. 20 probabilistic, one-time "status" sites are sampled per year, as well as 73 "trend" sites re-visited every four years. Only trend sites are displayed on this page. Status site information can be found at

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