2018 Monitoring Results - Fecal Indicating Bacteria & Cyanobacteria

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In general, very low concentrations of Fecal Indicating Bacteria (FIB) and cyanotoxin contamination were measured in Lake Tahoe at the 23 nearshore sites sampled for these constituents that potentially affect human health. FIB concentrations were well below California and Nevada State regulatory standards for Escherichia coli (E. coli) and fecal coliform except at two sites, Kings Beach and Tahoe City Commons, where slightly higher numbers than the California statistical threshold values (STV) for fecal coliform were observed. The 2018 FIB mean values were not significantly different from the 2009 mean values, with overall similar results observed in both years of sampling. Cyanobacteria were detected at five sites, representing 5% of the samples (n=115) collected in 2018. No detectable concentrations of cyanotoxins were found in any of these samples.