2020 Lake Tahoe Aquatic Plant Monitoring Program: Aquatic Plant Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

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The Aquatic Plant Monitoring Program (APMP) is intended to gather, analyze, and report information relative to aquatic plant populations in Lake Tahoe, with an emphasis on collecting data that can be used to guide control efforts for aquatic invasive plants. The goals for the APMP are summarized below:
• The APMP seeks to maximize coordination between nearshore management and regulatory agencies and minimize duplicity of monitoring efforts and overall costs. Roles and responsibilities in the APMP are defined and understood. The APMP includes this monitoring plan as a core guidance document that includes processes to coordinate aquatic plant data collection, analysis, and reporting. The monitoring program ensures that available funds are appropriately invested to collect and report the most relevant status and trend information required to support management and policy decisions, meet agency monitoring needs, and facilitate public understanding.
• Implementation of the aquatic plant monitoring and evaluation plan will result in a significant source of synthesized monitoring information that characterizes the status and changes in aquatic plants in Lake Tahoe that is sought after and relied upon by agencies, stakeholders, and the public to increase their understanding, and inform their decisions and actions.
• The APMP seeks to maintain long-term, stable funding at a level commensurate with carrying out necessary data collection, data management, and reporting program elements.
• The APMP shall be adaptable and include processes for amending or adding program or plan elements to improve its performance and relevancy as needed over time.
• The APMP will consistently use quantifiable indicators and measures to assess aquatic plant conditions that are meaningful to resource managers and are reported in a manner understandable by decision makers, stakeholders and the public.
• The monitoring program shall use best available science and technology to collect new data, conduct analyses, manage information, evaluate conditions, and make meaningful monitoring results available in a timely fashion.

Lake Tahoe Aquatic Plant Monitoring Program